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Finding Paths Through the Graph of English Words

What is this?

Have you ever seen a word and thought to yourself "Hmm, I really don't want that word. I want a completely different word. But just replacing the word with the other word would be boring. I want to mutate it into the other word one letter at a time! Oh, but that's just likely to produce a bunch of random gibberish, so I want every string along the way to be a word also!" No? Don't kid me. That totally sounds exactly like a thing you would say. Well, good news for you! This tool will find the shortest sequence of words which does exactly that!

How does it work?

Just enter two words in the boxes, click the button, and wait. Soon, you'll see a list of words starting with the first word and ending with the last word, with each word differing from the last in only a single letter, if such a sequence exists. In addition, the sequence of word lengths will be monotonic, because wildly varying the lengths of the words would just be cheating.

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