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Welcome to the homepage of David Rutter

What did you come here to find?

This is the website where I throw up a bunch of random things that I've made and done. Over the years, I've had many interests that have come and gone. Music, videos, games, software, magic tricks, writing, long-distance hiking and backpacking. You can find any and all of those things using the menu above.

You can also find me on Quora, Esolang, Twitter, DeviantArt, YouTube, and GitHub.

To-Do List

Things I may do eventually

  • Refactor jsFunge in typescript
  • Finish snake in Befunge
  • Finish SELECT. code generator
  • Finish a novel
  • Finish a book on esolangs
  • Make a golfing lang
  • Hike the TA trail
  • Walk the Basho trail
  • Magical products
  • Blinks games
  • Other thing I'm forgetting